Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Dear Blog Readers,

This blog was started 8 years ago when I embarked on what was hoped to be an exciting and memorable phase of my life.

8 years on, and looking back, the journey had taken on the tracks of an emotional roller coaster. It was memorable alright, but somewhat a lot more bittersweet that I would ever have imagined.

6 years ago, HH came into my life, and the blog took on a new mission. It was tweaked to record her journey of growth, little and significant milestones of her budding life, on her behalf, as she was not yet able to remember that phase of her life.

It also had the mission of allowing those away from us, to bear witness and testament, to share our lives from afar.

As HH grows beyond the toddler years, and becomes equipped with the ability to commit her life to memory on her own, the existence of this blog becomes purely a gift for her. One day, she will be presented with the blog, a legacy that I have put together for her, word by word, letter by letter.

It is hence time, for the chapter to close.

A closure, I'm sure, that is as bittersweet as the journey it had taken in the past 8 years.

Closure to a destiny mapped with joy and laughter, sorrow and tears, trekked through with determination and will, pain and turmoil.

Thank you for being with us on the journey, for all or part of the last 8 years.

Thank you......